Displaying results

When a simulation is opened, the results are automatically generated if they are present in the simulation folder. All the available results are displayed in the simulation tree. They are organized in categories. The results are shown on the right side of the desktop. Please note that it may take a few seconds for a results to appear. Results can be figures or tables.


All figures have a similar toolbar at the bottom. This toolbar allows the user to zoom on a section of the graph zoom, pan pan, adjust the axis adjust (use log or linear scale), show or hide error bars errorbar and save the figure in different file formats (png, eps, pdf, etc.). The saved figure will appear exactly the same way as the one shown in the GUI. The data used to create the figure can also be saved as a CSV file or copy to the clipboard to be pasted directly inside Excel or OpenOffice.


As for figures, tables can be exported to a CSV file or copy to the clipboard. A specific value from a table can also be copied by clicking on it and pressing Ctrl + C.

Export all

In the main toolbar, two options are available to export all the results as CSV files or all the figures as PNG in a directory.